Have Color Blindness?

Have Color Blindness? We Have a Solution For You: EnChroma Glasses!

Over 300 million people deal with color blindness and it can be a huge obstacle in their everyday lives. Around 10% of men and 0.5% of women are affected by color blindness. Color blindness significantly affects a person's ability to perform daily tasks, such as driving a car or playing sports — activities that require a depth perception, which is lost due to the inability to distinguish between different colors.

EnChroma aims to combat this issue by offering special glasses that provide color-blind individuals with the opportunity to distinguish colors. If you or someone you love suffers from color blindness, this article will detail how EnChroma's color-enhancing glasses can help!

What are EnChroma Glasses?

EnChroma Glasses use an optical technology called "chromatic adaptation" that works by filtering out short wavelengths of light to enhance color contrast. They are designed to help people with color blindness see colors more accurately.

The glasses were first developed by Dr. Don McPherson, who has been working on this technology for over 20 years. He began developing his first prototype after he discovered that one of his students had difficulty seeing certain colors because he was color-blind. This led him to create a lens that would filter out light that causes red-green color blindness so that anyone who wears them would be able to see those colors better than ever before!

How Do EnChroma Glasses Help?

EnChroma glasses are designed to help people with color blindness see the world in a new way. They're not corrective lenses, but rather, they enhance color perception by filtering out certain wavelengths of light that cause confusion. In doing so, they make it easier for you to distinguish between colors that are similar in hue but different in intensity.

EnChroma glasses do not cure color blindness. However, they can help people who have difficulty distinguishing between certain colors — such as red and green — see those colors in a way that makes them easier to distinguish.

What Causes Color Blindness?

Color blindness is usually inherited from your parents, but it isn't always passed down from both sides. Other causes include aging and diseases such as glaucoma or diabetes.

There are three main types of color blindness:

- Red/green color blindness: this affects about 8% of men and 0.5% of women
- Blue/yellow color blindness: this affects about 0.002% of men and 0.001% of women
- Tritanopia: this is a rare form of blue/yellow color blindness that occurs as a result of having two copies of the gene for blue cone monochromacy (B) instead of one copy and one normal gene (Bb)

The Science Behind EnChroma Glasses

EnChroma glasses are not a cure for color blindness, but they do allow you to see colors differently by separating the overlapping wavelengths. The ability to perceive different colors is a complex process that involves the interaction between retinal cone cells and brain circuits.

Your retina contains two kinds of photoreceptors called rods and cones. Rods are what allow you to see in low-light conditions, while cones are what allows you to see color in bright-light conditions.

There are 3 types of cones:
- S-cones (contribute to our sensitivity to blue light)
- M-cones (contribute to our sensitivity to green-yellow light)
- L-cones (contribute to our sensitivity to red light)

This means that people with red-green color blindness lack one or more of these pigments in their eyes. In order for us humans to be able to distinguish different colors, there must be some overlap in the wavelengths of light perceived by the different types of cones. The overlap occurs between the S-cone response peak at ~530 nm and the L-cone response peak at ~560 nm.

Will These Glasses Work For Me?

The short answer is, yes! Color blindness is not a disease or an illness, it's simply an inability to see certain colors that non-color-blind people can see. EnChroma glasses are designed to help people with red-green color blindness see more colors. If you have trouble distinguishing between red and green, then these glasses could work for you.

If you're not sure if EnChroma glasses will work for you, contact our experts at CV Optometry to learn more about the product. You may also want to check out our website for more information about how this product works and what it does for those who wear it regularly.