Tele-Optometry Exams

Introducing The CVO Eye-Tech Experience: Video-Assisted Eye Exams

CV Optometry is thrilled to announce a new innovative telehealth software platform for remote eye care in our offices: The CVO Eye-Tech Experience! This telehealth platform provides an enhanced eye care experience by allowing the doctor to perform an in-office video-assisted examination, and our patients receive the same great quality of care as they would from any other visit.

The CVO Eye-Tech Experience is an innovative eye health exam platform that allows practitioners to connect to their office remotely and conduct comprehensive eye exams in real-time from virtually anywhere, without sacrificing the quality care they provide patients. Patients also benefit from this technology because it allows them to have greater access to healthcare in a more timely manner, without having to wait months for an appointment.

Are  CVO Eye-Tech Experience exams better than traditional eye exams?

Patients often struggle to receive an eye exam in a convenient and timely way because we reside in an area that is underserved by eye care providers. As a result, poor vision
and eye conditions often go undiagnosed or untreated.  

The CVO Eye-Tech Experience aims to remove major barriers to accessibility, bridging the gap in service delivery by enabling optometrists to reach patients from remote and/or underserved areas.

The CVO Eye-Tech Experience exams are identical to the traditional approach, except the doctor is off-site. The optometrist will use high-tech devices to remotely perform a refraction test where they flip through different lenses to determine which ones provide a clearer picture, and use specialized devices to analyze the health of the eyes.

What Will I Experience During The CVO Eye-Tech Experience?

The exam will begin with your check-in at the office where we collect your insurance and ID cards and ensure all check-in packets are completed. This will be followed by a visual prescreening performed by your technician, which includes an autorefraction of your eyes, determination of your current eyeglass prescription, photos of the front and back of your eyes, and a screening test for glaucoma.

During the visit, a medical assistant will be in the exam room with you while the eye doctor will be at a different location. The telehealth appointment is as private and high-quality as if you were in the office together with your eye doctor. A remotely based optometrist will then perform a subjective refraction and eye health check while conversing with you through a live video conference.

We use secure software to connect to the eye doctor, and you will all be able to see and hear each other during the appointment and your eye doctor will conduct your comprehensive eye exam. Afterward, you will be able to order your eyeglasses and contact lenses in our optical dispensary.


Are CVO Eye-Tech Experience Exams more expensive?

If there is uncertainty in the cost of a digital eye exam, then worry not. Digital eye exams replace the older equipment used for manual exams, and most insurance plans will cover this type of exam like they would any other.

Where can I get a CVO Eye-Tech Experience exam?

Starting April 25th, CV Optometry will begin to offer CVO Eye-Tech Experience examinations.

CV Optometry is beyond proud to allow today’s eye care providers to practice smarter, safer, and more efficiently. CVO’s Eye-Tech Experience meets this challenge head-on by introducing a new dimension in ocular telehealth and empowering practitioners to be able to treat patients in a different physical location; optimizing speed, quality, and reach of care. We are very excited to bring this innovative technology to the Coachella Valley.

Ocular telehealth and the ever-changing digital transformation experience are critical to the future of eye care, and CV Optometry is excited to be on the cutting edge of that evolution. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment!