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Optomap Retinal Technology

1) What is an Optomap?

The Optomap is used to obtain an ultra-widefield digital image of the retina without the need for dilation drops.

2) How much of the retina can be visualized with Optomap?

The Optomap can display over 200 degrees of the retina. Previously, standard retinal photographs were only able to visualize approximately 45 degrees.

3) What types of retinal problems and eye diseases can be found with Optomap?

We can image problems arising from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, retinal tumors, retinal tears and detachments, macular degeneration, and glaucoma, among other things.

4) What is it about Optomap that is so innovative?

The most exciting thing about the Optomap is that it allows us to provide the highest level of eye care in an easy and more comfortable manner than traditional methods for our patients.

5) Can you describe the patient experience when using the Optomap?

A Coachella Valley Optometry team member first helps the patient adjust their head into the correct position in the instrument. The patient will then notice a brief flash of light when the image is taken. Just like a digital photo, it is quick, easy, and painless.

6) What do patients say about the Optomap?

Our patients are amazed to see the photos of the inside of their eyes!! They think it is so cool, and absolutely love it! In many cases, they have never experienced this level of technology before in their eye exam. Furthermore, we have been able to detect so much more pathology that they were not aware of.

7) How does Optomap improve the patient experience of having an eye exam?

Before the Optomap, Optometrists had to use dilating eye drops to get the full view of the back of the eye to give a proper retinal evaluation. The dilation drops were very uncomfortable for patients, and the side effects of the drops would usually last 4-6 hours. Today, by having a digital image taken, the patient does not have to suffer from the side effects, and the images can be compared to one another year after year, allowing the doctor to catch and diagnose eye disease at their earliest, and most treatable stages.

8) Which patients should have an Optomap?

Coachella Valley Optometry doctors recommend the Optomap on all patients.

Coachella Valley Optometry recommends Optomap retinal imaging because:

  • It allows for enlargement of image to see more detailed view of the retina
  • It results in a much shorter office visit than if dilation is performed
  • Patients leave the office with vision intact, rather than with light-sensitivity and blur
  • Creates a permanent medical record
  • Allows for future comparisons—your Coachella Valley Optometry doctor can compare this year’s image to next year’s image.
  • Can be reviewed by other doctors, if necessary

To get your retina imaged with an Optomap, visit us at Coachella Valley Optometry Today!

Optomap technology was recently featured on the Doctors TV show! Watch the video here:


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