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Eye Exams at CV Optometry

Your eyes are your windows to the world, so you should do everything possible to ensure that they keep bringing that world to you clearly.  That’s exactly what we aim to help you with here at CV Optometry.  We’re proud to serve as a trusted Indio and Coachella resource for comprehensive eye exams and vision testing.

Eye exams can reveal a great deal about the health and structure of these delicate, complex organs.  A variety of eye diseases can be identified in their early stages — and this is crucial, because the earlier we can begin the necessary treatment, the better the results are likely to be.  We use state-of-the-art equipment, such as OCT imaging to painlessly check your eyes for conditions such as:

  • Glaucoma– A sight-robbing disease caused by too much fluid pressure inside the eye
  • Cataracts– A gradual clouding of the lens that can cause blurriness, “halos” around light sources, glare sensitivity and poor night vision
  • Macular degeneration– A disease of the retina that can destroy the center of your field of vision
  • Diabetic retinopathy– Damage to the blood vessels inside the eye related to untreated or inadequately controlled diabetes

CV Optometry Eye Exams

Vision Testing Is Important

In addition to evaluating the overall health of your eyes, CV Optometry also assesses your visual acuity.  Vision testing is critical from early childhood because sight is such an important mechanism for learning, physical coordination, and mental development. Children who suffer from untreated nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or other vision disorders may experience eye strain, headaches and academic setbacks.

Since the eyes can change throughout adulthood, regular vision testing should become part of your ongoing routine.  This is especially true after you reach middle age, a period in which the lens usually loses some its focusing ability, resulting in a condition called presbyopia.

Our experienced team uses a variety of evaluation methods to test your vision, including the standard eye chart to determine how sharp and clear regular forms such as letters appear to each eye.  If your vision needs correcting, we then have you look through an instrument called a phoropter as we try different powers of corrective lenses until you experience perfect or “20/20” clarity.

Based on the corrections we measured, we can then write an accurate prescription for glasses.  Additional evaluation of the curvature of your corneas, a process known as topography, can give us the extra data we need to also write a prescription for contact lenses. We also check your peripheral vision, your pupils’ reaction to light, and other important factors.

Present your eyes to the skilled team at CV Optometry for eye exams and vision testing that can help you enjoy more perfect vision and possibly even save your sight.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment — and see for yourself why we’re Coachella Valley’s #1 choice for eye care!

CV Optometry

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