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Introducing Enchroma for Color Blindness

If you’re color blind, EnChroma glasses are here to paint your world. These color blind lenses are groundbreaking technology for people with a range of visual color deficiencies – giving about 350 million people in the world the opportunity to see color as it is, including you.

We recognize how much of the world is organized by red-green cues, and just how much this can limit color blind people, so we’re so excited to introduce EnChroma in support of a more colorful, limitless life here at CV Optometry. What was once thought to be impossible, can now be easily accomplished.

What are EnChroma glasses and how do they treat color blindness?

EnChroma tinted sunglasses use an innovative lens filtering technology to restore color discrimination, vibrance, and clarity. Developed from about 10 years of research and development before its launch in 2010, EnChroma glasses have become an expert and popular solution for color blind folks who want to experience color.

In color blind people, there is more of an overlap between red and green cones, which result in up to a 90% reduction of colors seen. EnChroma glasses work to remove light from this overlap, and enhance the varying colors that would be seen in normal vision. This results in instant red-green separation, allowing more color to make its way into your eyes.

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How do Enchroma glasses help with low vision?

Low vision is impaired vision that cannot be corrected with typical lenses and poses many safety risks to the person affected. Here are some typical symptoms:

  • High sensitivity to glares
  • Reduced sensitivity to contrast
  • General or specific loss of color vision
  • Need for bright indoor lighting

EnChroma glasses contain the technology needed to adjust for these varying sensitivities and improve the quality of vision for those impaired. These color blind glasses have become a popular solution even for low-vision patients, as they help to reduce the intensity of white light and glares, improve contrast, and boost color vision.

If you live with low vision, contact our office and talk to one of our specialists about getting started with EnChroma for a safer and more vibrant quality of life.

Do Enchroma glasses support varying types of color blindness?

EnChroma glasses are certainly not a one-size-fits-all, which is why there are many options to choose from. Whether you’re mild, moderate, or severe protan or deutan color blind, EnChroma offers personalized solutions for your specific color blindness, as well as customizes them according to your most ideal applications and settings.

To personalize your EnChroma glasses to your needs – Contact our office!

How can I find the right EnChroma glasses for me?

The steps to your personalized experience in color are seamless, and nothing is more beautiful than trying them on for the first time.

Follow these steps and consult with your optometrist to determine your best options.

  1. Take our color blind test to determine your type and severity of color blindness.
  2. Schedule an appointment to discuss your EnChroma glasses options – we carry Enchroma glasses for indoors, outdoors, and prescription options.
  3. Visit us and try some on to select the frames you like best.
  4. Then dive into your new, colorful experience instantly as you put them on.

Don’t hesitate to contact our office and ask about EnChroma. Your experience in color starts here!

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