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CV Optometry can diagnose and help manage your astigmatism.  Although the term sounds overwhelming, astigmatism is simply an irregular curvature of your eye.  The curve is typically mild, but can produce symptoms that range from blurred vision and eyestrain to headaches.  Fortunately, this common eye condition can be managed.

Signs and Symptoms

If you notice changes in your vision, unexplained headaches or a feeling of eye strain or fatigue, please schedule an appointment today so we can provide a thorough examination and identify the cause of your discomfort.  If your vision is changing, you may experience difficulties working on a computer or completing everyday tasks.  You may notice that your vision blurs when trying to focus on close objects.  Independent of your age and health, we recommend scheduling an eye examination at CV Optometry every one year.  If we discover you have astigmatism, we may examine you more frequently to track changes in the curvature of your eye and to stay current with preventive measures.

CV Optometry Explains Astigmatism

Both the cornea, the outer part of your eye, and the lens, the inside of your eye, have curved surfaces.  Usually, these curves match smoothly together.  However, astigmatism is present when either the cornea or the lens has a curve that flows in a different direction from the other.  This shows as areas of peaks and valleys instead of a smooth surface.  You may have this astigmatism all your life and not notice any symptoms, or as you age, the curves may change and cause blurred vision or eye strain.  We are here to offer solutions.

CV Optometry Astigmatism

Eye Examinations at CV Optometry

We diagnose astigmatism with a similar eye examination used to detect nearsightedness and farsightedness.  Then, we use a keratometer to measure the amount of light that reflects off your cornea.  This tells us the degree of your astigmatism.  We may also test your response to light as your eyes focus, which gives us further insight into the degree of your astigmatism and provides information on the best corrective vision options for you.

Astigmatism Treatment Options

To correct or manage your astigmatism, we need to address the curvature of the cornea.  Corrective options include:

  • Wearing eyeglasses that are specially made to compensate for the uneven curves.  We can also prescribe lenses to aid in your far-sighted and near-sighted difficulties.
  • Wearing contact lenses.  We offer a variety of lenses such as hard or soft, daily and extended wear.  Please speak with us regarding the best options for your health and lifestyle.
  • A non-invasive procedure, known as orthokeratology, in which you wear rigid contact lenses overnight to correct your astigmatism.  These lenses are not required during the day as they work each night to temporarily correct your condition.

Speak with our eye care professionals at CV Optometry today about your treatment options.  We can diagnose your astigmatism and begin a treatment plan that is well suited for your particular needs.  Call us at 760-347-6636 to schedule an appointment today!

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