Are Eye Drops Ok to Use With Contacts?

Learn about if eyedrops are ok to use with contacts

New contact lens wearers need to be aware there are some restrictions to using eye drops while they're wearing contact lenses. Even so, there are those times when a person needs to use drops, and they may not necessarily be compatible with contacts (e.g., eye drops for allergies). When these situations arise, be sure to talk to your optometrist at CV Optometry. They can offer helpful suggestions on how/when it's possible to use certain types of eye drops, without having to give up your contacts!

Eye Drops for Contact Lens Wearers
When a person is actively wearing their contacts, they should only use eye drops that are specially formulated for contact lens users. Fortunately, many eye care manufacturers make drops that are designed specifically to be compatible with contact lenses.

When might someone need eye drops? Poor air quality is one of the most common reasons why a person finds themselves reaching for eye drops. The air may be dry (i.e., low humidity) or perhaps it's very dusty. Naturally, these are the most likely conditions under which contacts will begin to feel dry and scratchy. Then there are times when a lens wearer has an eyelash or a small piece of debris that makes its way into their eye. Anyone who's ever had an eyelash in their eye while wearing contacts knows how irritating this can be!

Rewetting drops made especially for contact lens users are ideal for flushing an eyelash away. They're also great for providing relief when contacts feel dry or scratchy. When you need advice on which rewetting drops will work best for your particular brand of contact lenses, your optometrist at CV Optometry is a great resource for helpful advice.
Planning Ahead  

Especially during allergy season, a person may want to use products such as allergy eye drops. On the other hand, they certainly don't want to give up wearing their contacts for an entire season. When this occurs, there are limited types of drops that can be inserted into the eye about 10 minutes before lens insertion. If you want to use eye drops that aren't made for contact lens wearers, ask your optometrist if there's a way to fit the drops into your lens-wearing schedule.

When Eye Drops and Contact Lenses Don't Mix

Certain types of eye drops should never be used while a person is wearing contacts. For example, if a person has an eye injury or an eye infection, they'll likely be prescribed antibiotic eye drops. In situations like these, your optometrist will advise you to discontinue wearing your lenses until your eye heals and you no longer need to use the drops.


It's important for contact lens users to clear their selection with their optometrist when they need to use eye drops. If the brand you selected is not a good match for your particular type of contacts, your optometrist may be able to provide you with some compatible alternatives. If you have further questions on how to make your contact lenses more comfortable, call or text CV Optometry today at (760) 347-6636. We look forward to serving you!